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Mixer Notification: We encourage everyone mix their funds on the 1st of every month, so there are greater numbers of boxes to mix with, increasing anonymity.

Proof of Humanity

Proof of Humanity

Get started by joining our next event

If you have successfully participated in a previous event, then use your existing ΣID address and skip step 1.

Create ID

  • If this is your first event, create a new Ergo wallet. This wallet should only be used for ErgoNation and will contain your anonymous ΣID. Do not reveal it to anyone.
  • Use ErgoMixer to send a minimum of 1 ERG into it. The mixing process may take some time. Start it right away to be ready for the verification event.
  • All funds going in and out of the ΣID address must go through the mixer to preserve anonymity.
  • Verify ID

  • Join the next monthly ΣID verification event on August 15th 2022 at 20.00 UTC for instructions. The event itself will start 20.10 UTC, and end 20.30 UTC.
  • Participants will play a short game. If successful, they will be able to verify the ID on-chain.
  • Use ID

  • Ergo projects can engage the ΣID holders in governance, testing, whitelist, rewards, tasks, etc.
  • The ΣIDs will gather reputation through actions in the ecosystem. We encourage projects to engage ΣIDs that actively support decentralization, anonymity and the spirit of Ergo. To learn more about Ergo's vision read the Ergo Manifesto.